IESE offers new open-access sessions on coronavirus crisis

March 16, 2020. As the world scrambles to respond to the global coronavirus outbreak, IESE has begun a series of online sessions on leading and working during these difficult times, and on understanding what may come after the health crisis has subsided.

The series is available to the general public via IESE’s LinkedIn channel, and will feature professors exploring issues such as practical aspects of the crisis and human resource and operations management. There will also be sessions to help give a broad understanding of this global outbreak, from its financial impact, to its economic consequences, to its geopolitical fallout.

The LinkedIn series allows participants to make comments and ask questions during the live sessions. Recordings of all of the sessions are available on the LinkedIn channel for those unable to make the live sessions, as well as on IESE’s YouTube channel.

The schedule of upcoming sessions is available on the website’s Events Calendar, on the Open Access Resources page, and the IESE Alumni Association page, which also provides more description of the sessions and speakers.

Link to livestreaming of sessions as well as recordings of past sessions:

For more freely available resources from IESE, check out our Open Access Resources page.