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IESE Research in Science: Hydraulic fracturing may be impacting surface waters

New research, published in Science, finds evidence tying fracking to increased salt concentrations in surface waters The research points to the need for better and more frequent water measurement to fully understand the environmental impact on surface water of unconventional oil and gas development August 20, 2021. New research, published today in the prestigious journal […]

IESE research in Science: Lack of female inventors hinders women’s health innovation

New research, published in Science, points to gender imbalance in R&D having repercussions for women´s health. It marks an important step towards showing how labor-market inequality can lead to product-market inequality. U.S. biomedical patents with all-female inventor teams are 35% more likely to focus on women’s health than all-male teams, new research finds. Science magazine, […]

Corporate venturing in deep tech on the rise in East and Southeast Asia

77 innovation leaders took part in IESE Business School’s new report, revealing their biggest challenges innovating with deep-tech start-ups Japan, South Korea, mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand are the East and Southeast regions with the highest adoption rate of corporate venturing 71% of analyzed companies expect to increase their collaboration with deep-tech start-ups […]

IESE 2021 MBA Graduation Ceremony Celebrated on Campus

Rigorous health and safety protocols allow for a special in-person event, which included a commencement speech from the CEO of Cellnex Telecom On May 21, 2021, IESE´s MBA Class of 2021 took part in a special graduation ceremony on the school´s Barcelona campus. IESE was able to hold the ceremony in-person thanks to putting in […]

“Creating business leaders the world needs”

IESE and Shizenkan’s MBA Future of Capitalism course closes with former Unilever CEO Paul Polman  The first edition of IESE and Shizenkan University‘s MBA course on the future of capitalism came to a close last week, in a special session where students presented their vision of how business can have a more positive impact on the world.  During the course, students received input from a group of prominent business leaders and CEOs who are supporting […]

IESE-led startups create 70,000 new jobs worldwide, raise $3.6 billion in capital

New report sets 2030 goals for school’s entrepreneurship and innovation activities April 12, 2021. Companies founded by IESE Business School alumni have created over 70,000 jobs worldwide and raised some $3.6 billion in capital, as the school has expanded its entrepreneurial ecosystem, according to a new report. The report measures the impact of IESE’s entrepreneurship […]

Former CaixaBank Chairman Jordi Gual to rejoin IESE Business School

March 23, 2021. Jordi Gual will rejoin IESE Business School as a professor of economics at the end of this week. He rejoins IESE´s faculty after finishing his duties as Chairman of CaixaBank, a position he has held since June 2016. Prof. Gual first joined IESE´s faculty in 1987, where he developed his academic activity […]