Welcome to Global Executive MBA Class of 2019

Most international and diverse of programs gets underway in Barcelona

Barcelona, February 20, 2018. – The Global Executive MBA program recently welcomed its Class of 2019, which has embarked on a 16-month journey that will take participants across a globe of business experiences and into a world of learning.

The Class of 2019 is one of the most diverse in background and digital in experience yet. Participants are of 26 different nationalities, hailing from countries including the U.S., Brazil and China, along with a dozen European countries. A total of 85% of participants are from outside of Spain.

The class reflects the growing presence of women in IESE’s programs: a total of 35% of participants are women, one of the highest levels of recent years. The average age of the Class of 2019 is 40 years old.

The Class of 2019 brings to the GEMBA a wealth of experience gained through work in 20 different sectors – from finance to health and pharmaceuticals to industry – and a number are successful entrepreneurs. Some participants have spent their entire career in different aspects of the digital economy.

Participants in the GEMBA choose either the European track or the Americas track. Both tracks begin and end in Barcelona, and they converge in New York, Shanghai and Silicon Valley over the course of the program. In between, participants in the Americas track gather for modules in New York, while the European track returns to Barcelona. Participants also choose two immersive electives to complete their global learning experience.

The program features an innovative blended format, combining on-campus experiences with online learning.

The GEMBA program also has a revamped website that is more user-friendly and contains extensive information on everything this unique program entails.